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My College Loafers

I was Walking down the Path to higher education
In someone else's shoes, in total dependency,
To ensue, a better future. This Makes me stronger
Like the rugged cowhide of my Tough College Loafers.

These Moccasins are made for walking,
SO are my feet and legs,
Walking gracefully onto the lawn lined path on the main campus.

Omniscient Lord, guide me,
Love me,
As I stroll down the path to You.

Shoe me with these College Loafers,

As, I pave my Future with your guidence,
Scholastic and Religious Cognition.

As, I pray, study, and stroll down the lane of life,
With all of the memoirs of my sturdy, College Loafers.

By Sheila Tanguy~Tracey
Graduated from CSU Monterey bay
On May 20th 2000


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Sheila Tanguy Tracey

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