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I received a Bachelor of Art degree in visual and public arts with distinction at
CSUMB. I spent time in Paris, France and lived in Mexico at an early age. I was 11 years
old when I studied at the Bibilioteca de San Miguel de Allende. There I took 2D art drawing
and painting classes at night and sold my art work on the premises. I was a schoolgirl
during the day for several months. At age fifteen I lived in Paris, France and attended
Des Cours d'Elle to study fashion design along one of the avenues leading to the Arc of
Triumph.Then I studied industrial sewing in a girl's college in the Bandlieu de Paris,
Alfortville. Later I graduated from Mission High School in San Francisco, taking 3D and
2D art, sculpture,paper mache, plastic arts, and theater (pantomime). I studied at Monterey
Peninsula College with Judith Bryant, who taught "The Woman who Writes Class" and recieved
an Associates of Art degree in Women's studies. There I met photographer Diana Mara Henry.
Henry is a photographer from New York of the Women's movement of the 1960's and 1970's.
I took her class entitled "Into the Dark Room" at the Carmel Adult School and enrolled at
CSUMB. I exhibited photography and Diana Mara Henry's portrait at San Juan Bautista's
Woman Gallery, Galleria Tontantizin with the guidance of Jennifer Colby, Patricia
Rodriguez, Diana Mara Henry, and Amalia Mesa Bains of CSUMB. I painted at home as well as
part of class assignments at CSUMB,including mural making,drawing, 3D, paper mache
sculpture, which was exhibited at Borders.

I exhibited at Borders books Inc in 2003 and January 2005, Maritime Museum Art Sale 2004,
Seaside City Hall National League of American Pen Women Exhibit 2005, Sand City City Hall
Dec,1,2005-February 2006 Breakthrough H'Art Exhibit.


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Sheila Tanguy Tracey