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My Art Manifesto

I am Sheila Tanguy-Tracey, the great niece of Yves Raymond Tanguy,
the Purist Surrealist Painter, born: January 5th,1900 in Paris, France,
died January 15th 1955 of a brain hemmorage in his home in Woodbury, Conn. US.
My aunt, Genvieve Morgane Tanguy, a
popular French journalist-author, enrolled me in Fashion Design Classes,
Ecole d'Elle Magazine, in Paris, France in 1972, when I was fifteen
years old. She was my second Mentor in that sense that she inspired
Professionalism in the Creative World, also being the author of more
than eleven books, one of them Mille et une Nuit au Chamborg; also a
book on Yves Tanguy.

After High School I studied Pantomime with Etienne De Croux, the Father
of Modern Pantomime, as well as the teacher of Marcel Marceau. Both of
my parents are artists; my sibling is as well.

Art is a culture to be nutured at a ripe young age. It is meant for both
young and old. art is a disipline; it is an education as well as an
educational tool. It is a whole, not a half. Without art, the world
would not have been created; surely God is an artist. In the likeness
of God man creates. Surely all of us are artists; We are the Energy,
creating destiny.

We are Artful in how we manage time, and surely time will tell what we
have created. Each of us on the Planet are unique works of art within
our own right. We as artists breathe, live, express our uniqueness,
our Views, our Triumphs and the issues of our communities, our groups,
and our audiences, through our art forms.

Art is the mirror of the soul, the energy, and the supreme being, like
windows of God. The creations are from the subconscious, these works
or creations are from my era, a short time residing on this planet; my
life span. I am the tool which expresses. I am the vessel through
which creativity flows. I am the implement that holds the paintbrush or
the sculptor's knife.

I am but a single fish in an ocean of many. Someday I shall learn how to swim.


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Sheila Tanguy Tracey